Peace on you,

This is your friend, Yazaid. I am here to keep myself and you content through hardship and ease, through sadness and happiness, through poverty and wealth, through sickness and health, through relations breakups and relations make-ups,  through darknesses and light so that together we can enjoy more of God bounties, abundance and provision in this short fun journey called life.

I lost track of what I do for a living, I am the youngest of five. My parents originally came from a village in Sudan called “Mahmiya”. At their time there was no electricity in that village, their electricity was kerosene lamps. Their facebook was a family get together after sunset for a cup of tea and chit-chat. Their stand-up comedy event was a bunch of friends getting together and throwing jokes at each other. Their video games were worn out tyres that they keep rolling and running after. A very simple beautiful life.

I did play with those tyres when I was a kid. Then I grew up and attended school and went to India to study university. My first image of success was getting high grades in my studies. So I got that and I graduated university with distinction. Then my image of success became men in suits and ties. I thought they were the definition of success. Getting a high paying job and climbing the corporate ladder was my aim. So I chased that. I did wear a suit and a tie and I did climb the corporate ladder and got promoted from entry-level to manager level. But I didn’t have my dreams car. So, I chased that. I did have my dream car but then I wanted more money. So, I chased that, I did get salary increments then I got introduced to the world of entrepreneurship and I found out that they make way more than what I made in my job. So, I started chasing that and here is where the problem occurred.

I did make some money from entrepreneurship but I considered it little “I was foolish to consider it little”. In my job? I have hit the ceiling in terms of salary for my job category which is an information technology project manager. Then I found myself spending a dollar after a dollar chasing that promised land of so-called “financial freedom”. First, it started with buying $10-$20 books that promise you to make millions, but they did not make me millions. Then they turned into buying $100-$300 audio programs that promise you to make millions, but they did not make me millions. Then they turned into buying $1000-$2000 online courses that promise you to make millions, but they did not make me millions. Then they turned into buying $5,000 “advanced” online courses that promise you millions, but they did not make me millions. I literally went broke chasing the so-called “financial freedom”. Then I migrated to Australia and couldn’t get a job for a full two years.

I got so frustrated and I found myself pushing “harder and harder and harder” because they said “hard work pays off” but it never paid off for me, people suggested I change my field, so I went and I enrolled in additional courses in different fields but I didn’t get a job, I searched for jobs as an information technology project manager? nothing, coordinator? nothing, junior? nothing, ok leave IT, call center? nothing, receptionist? nothing, fruits picker? nothing, for God sake, cleaner? they said I don’t have experience lol.

So, I decided to stop listening to gurus, I decided to stop paying for additional “stuff” in order to secure the so-called “financial freedom”. I said to myself: “Yazaid? look. Consider your life as a game. When it comes to the money part, the purpose of the game is to make more money. However, there are two rules. First: make money without spending a single dollar more, without investing a single dollar more. Make more money ‘first’. Second: Do not make money in any way, shape or form or by any means unless the way through which you make money gives you that same feeling that you used to get as a kid when you played video games and you were so excited so much so that you skipped meals and stayed awake all night long. If you don’t get that feeling then sit back, relax, be lazy and literally become a couch potato”.

I discovered two things in the process. #1 I discovered that I am already “financially free”. #2 I discovered that I am already successful. For #2, refer to my blog post “you are already successful” to find out how you are already successful, search this blog for the words you are already successful. For #1 keep reading this blog post and if it is my destiny to show you how, and it is your destiny to accept it, then this will happen.

Then I had a vision and the game became more interesting, the vision is to start by making $7,000/month knowing that I am already completely satisfied and content with what I am making right now. and this $7,000/month has to fulfill 5 conditions:

  1. Come without investing/spending a single dollar more.
  2. Come without my feeling that I have to work for it.
  3. Come with complete exhilaration, excitement, joy and fun.
  4. Come without my having to consciously think about it.
  5. Come with complete surrender to the flow of God.

How will I do it? I don’t know. Will I ever do it? I don’t know. I only believe that by placing an intention and sending it to God. God will bring that intention to fruition. Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him said: “Indeed, actions are by intentions and for everyone is what he/she intends”. So, I decided to follow a policy that I created called “Set it and Forget it”.

This site will keep you updated, if it is its destiny to stay alive, about the progress of this experiment. Then the game became even more interesting, in the process of receiving $7,000/month I am also helping others do the same without asking them for money unless they are happy and/or insist on paying me.

Then the game became even more interesting and I had a bigger vision. At the time of writing this blog post, I believe that together we can create a strong economy, a wealthy economy where every individual is happy and content with their financial status and happiness status. I believe that we are a new country that belongs to the peaceful citizens from all walks of life, from all faiths and no faith alike, who are protected and content through hardship and ease. A country of citizens who have way more than what they need. A country of citizens who don’t have to work in order to get money but rather they enjoy and make money in the process as a bonus for their enjoyment.

and that my friend, is our vision.

Now, you are one of 6 types:

  1. You are saying within yourself, “wow, this is very big and it sounds exciting, it would be very nice if it works that way, I would love this to be my vision as well” then like, comment below to let me know and share this page.
  2. You are saying within yourself, “wow, this is very nice but I don’t think it will work, this is only dreaming”, then like, comment below to let me know and share this page.
  3. You are saying within yourself, “wow, this is very nice and since this is the intention then God will make it happen, we don’t know how but God knows”, then like, comment below to let me know and share this page.
  4. You are saying, “what is this rubbish, this is just another dude or a bunch of people who are crazy who are just bla bla blabing all over the place, I am sick of you I see you everywhere and I wish that you don’t exist anymore” then, like, comment below to let me know and share this page to let the world know how stupid I am/We are.
  5. You could be any of the above, but you prefer to watch silently without interacting because you are curious. You are welcome to follow this site and if it is the destiny for this site to turn into a country then you are welcome to enjoy as a citizen :D. Find a way to follow this site, either find a way to subscribe, or a way to get its rss feeds, or set a reminder on your phone to check here daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly and keep coming back to watch what happened to this vision. or if there is a subscribe button then click it and leave your e-mail address and I will send you, if it is my destiny, updates via e-mail. Currently, there is no subscription and I don’t even know how to make it lol. If it is my destiny to find out, I will. If not? who cares 😀
  6. You couldn’t care less, you feel that you have wasted your time. You are welcome to leave and we thank you for the time you spent reading here and we wish you the best of luck for your future endeavors.

and that’s it for now. To leave a comment click the “Leave a reply” box below, then select facebook or twitter or google+ to leave a comment or simply fill in the required boxes and submit.

[update: I found how you can follow this blog, when you scroll down or up, at the bottom right corner, a Follow link will appear. Click it and leave your e-mail address :D]

Believe, Surrender and Relax. You are already successful.
Peace on you,

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